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Hi friend,

My friend Amy doesn't know that I'm sharing his story today.

We spoke in spring this year. He told me he took a loan... And that baffled me. In Indian society, our mindset is to try to get everything we want at a lower cost.

There's a reason - most of us, me included, have grown up with limited resources. Since our childhood, we were told to save what we can and reuse as much as possible. The ones from India will be able to relate how growing up our old tshirts became cleaning cloths for the house.

Coming back to Amey, he told me he wanted to learn.

We're in a time when we buy books from Amazon because they are cheaper. And this person took help to learn a skill.

And we worked closely on his goals. He wanted to:

  • make money freelancing
  • build on his career as a writer and filmmaker

And then, this happened in one month.

He made over double of his investment back, with one gig.

Amey isn't the only one.

I can tell you more stories if you want.

In exactly 4 weeks from now, it will be day one of cohort 9.

Ninth cohort to join Summit 21.

Last cohort of 2023.

If you don't know this already, I only run Summit 21 four times a year.

So if you want to build a sustainable system to write online consistently (because that's the backbone of it all) - join in.

I don't want to talk more about it...because to some of you who want to change your lives and give this a try, I know you deeply resonated with this story already. I know what it feels like to do what you don't enjoy, don't earn well and stay dissatisfied.

It's like a void... like something is missing.

And you eye people online and think if it's really worth it.

So if you want to bet on yourself to learn this skill, let me teach you.

Join Summit 21 this October. More info about it is on the course page here.

Questions? Hit reply, I'll reply to you (I promise).



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