Jon Was a Broke Waiter and Now is a Full Time Creator 💰

published16 days ago
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Hi friend,

My friend Jon was working in a restaurant as a server in 2017.

Today - he makes a living writing.

He has 1.5 million views on Medium (imagine that $$$$$ that he's bringing in with that) and is one of the fastest-growing writers on Twitter.

From being a broke waiter, he's a full-time creator.

And he'll talk to us about

  • offer creation
  • copywriting
  • digital monetisation
  • effective writing

In short, everything about making money writing.

He will speak to us in exactly one month from now.

This time in Summit 21's cohort 9, we have Justin Welsh and Jon Brosio coming in to give a guest session.

Why? Because I want my students to learn from the best - who have been there, done that. And as S21 students, they get lifetime access to past recordings and future sessions.

But what is Summit 21?

It's my cohort-based course on how to write online consistently.

Why is that important?

If your goal is anything related to the online world and requires you to create written content, then consistency is the backbone. I'll teach you how to do that without going nuts.

How does it help?

People come with different goals, such as:

  • Building a personal brand
  • getting opportunities by writing online
  • trying to get coaching clients by writing
  • quitting their job after getting writing gigs

Some of them join to just have fun, of course.

I'm super busy...

So many of our students are parents with a full-time job and they want to side hustle. Don't worry, the time commitment can be as low as 15 minutes a day. It's super customisable :)


Hit reply, I'll answer them all.

See you on the other side.



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