SHS #114: I Boosted LinkedIn With This One Change 🔥

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

March June 22, 2024

SHS #114: I Boosted LinkedIn With This One Change

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Note: I am resending this email due to some error in the previous one.

January 2023 onwards, my LinkedIn started growing at 7000 followers per month.

Amazing, right?

Maybe not.

I found what works.

And I leveraged that in every possible manner. I knew I had the knack for it and my profile was growing too.


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Until I got this message

My Summit 21 student, Yashar Afarath, did something mind-boggling.

During our time in the cohort together, I was always intrigued by his deep thoughts and opinions. But I never knew he'd dig this deep.

He went to my first LinkedIn post and analysed my content.

And he compiled it in this free ebook.

I realised

That old Niharikaa didn't think much.

But 2023 is when I kept going viral because I discovered the format that works for me:

text + photo.

That sucks.

Because virality doesn't mean more money and I don't want to have lots of followers and make the same money, lol.

I want a loyal audience instead.

Moreover, I'm personally not a fan of these random photo posts unless they are travel pictures (who doesn't like good scenery) or relate to the message in the post.


I shook my strategy

I went back to being my old self.

Here are some changes I made and observations related to them:

  1. Wrote some text-only posts: got fewer views but more engagement.
  2. Posted tweet snapshots with relevant text: lots of views and followers but comparatively low engagement. This isn't bad because I don't expect employees to comment when I go all anti-corporate.
  3. Started playing around again - I always was because I still don't have a LinkedIn 'strategy', but I made my format less predictable.

Overall results

I've been doing this for a few months now. Here are some good things that it brought in:

1/ Meaningful Engagement

I actually get valuable comments under my posts now instead of creepy men DMing me and commenting "looking beautiful" 🤮

2/ Slow But Purposeful Growth

The number of followers doesn't matter if those people don't align with your content or interact with them. I grew slowly because my posts got fewer views, but at least the right set of people followed and interacted with my work.

3/ More Comments

Sometimes my post with 300 likes has more comments than my post with 1500 likes.

4/ Frequent Comments

When the same people keep commenting on your posts you know you've built a loyal audience base.

5/ Helps My Craft

Experimenting and improving content is challenging, and challenges are good! It's helped me improve as a writer and creator. Enhancing my craft of writing is my priority but sometimes it's easy to overlook it for instant dopamine.

6/ A Better Brand

I don't read many people's LinkedIn posts because they have cringy and unrelated photos. Honestly, maybe I was becoming one of them.

But I don't want to.

And if that means less likes and views, be it.

I'm going to align my brand with my personal values. I don't care about vanity metrics.


You might want to check out Yashar's guide, you'll learn plenty about Linkedin :).

He doesn't even know I'm writing this hehe but I hope he doesn't mind it.

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