SHS #74: How to Create 4 Hour Workdays

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Hi friend,

I've been a solopreneur for 2 years.

I work under 4 hours a day and own my time entirely.

Here's how you can build a one-person business from scratch:

1/ Vision

Here's what I really wanted to change in my life:

• own my time

• have a purpose

• enjoy the work I do

• become financially independent

You can't start unless you know your 'why' and where you want to be.

2/ Creation

Create content around your expertise.

It will help you

• get better at content creation

• understand your audience

• get more ideas

But it'll help you the most with this one thing...

3/ Audience Building

Because unless you do this, you can't sell anything.

I mean, you can. But who will buy it?

Most importantly - it will help you understand what problem you can solve for. (We'll get to this in #6)

4/ Follow the 1% Rule

99% of my content is free.

• 550+ articles

• free ebook

• side hustle checklist

• 2 free weekly newsletters

• consistent content on Twitter & LinkedIn

I charge for the 1% in the form of guides and courses.

Gain trust with 99%, make money with 1%.

5/ Lead Magnet

There are no excuses for this.

Hop on to Gumroad and create:

• email course

• video course

• ebook

• template

• checklist

And distribute that as a CTA (call-to-action) under your articles and LinkedIn posts.

I'll tell you why. This will help you:

a) build your email list

b) give lots of value for free (gain trust)

c) teach you the basics of building a product

You can use Canva to build templates, ebooks, and checklists.

6/ Package solutions

After you've done the above, don't just create a product for the heck of making money.

That won't workout.

Notice the themes of your questions and package the solutions into products.

Do this via:

• consultation

• ebooks

• courses

• freelancing

For me, the problem (questions I was asked most often) and productised solution was:

• Consistent writing: cohort based course (Summit 21)

• Medium: Medium Guide

• LinkedIn: LinkedIn Playbook, and now a self-paced course too

7/ Distribute

Don't go bonkers selling it because nobody likes someone who's salesy.

But chime it in wherever you can, like

• mention in your newsletter

• hyperlink in relevant articles

• suggest when somebody asks you Qs that your products can solve

Lastly, be patient with the process. One product to another will be a massive learning journey.

No, you won't get rich overnight.

But you'll be proud of yourself in 12 months.

That's a wrap!



Before you leave, here's how I can help you ace your goals:

  1. LinkedIn Ultimate Content Mastery: I teach you how to create compelling stories that attract opportunities 💰
  2. Summit 21: Join my flagship cohort-based course, Summit 21. This will be the fourth and last cohort of 2023.

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