SHS 76: 10 Things That Helped Me Make $$$,$$$

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Hi friend,

This month, I'll complete 3 years of taking online writing seriously.

2 years of earning full-time from it.

(over 6-fig $)

Here are ten things that helped me in my journey + make a living from it:

1/ Mindset

If I believed

• hard work is the only way

• money is difficult to earn

• writing isn't feasible

I wouldn't have been able to do this.

You get to choose whether you want to think like a winner or not. This inner change is the foundation for doing big things.

2/ Just Start at One Place

I started writing on Medium in Sept'20.

No other social platform because I also had a full-time job to balance + freelance gigs to make money so I can quit.

To get better at a skill, you don't have to ace it.

You just have to start.

3/ Create Your Edge

Here's what makes you unfuckable:

• your mindset

• consistency

• resilience

• reaction

The best part?

All of this can be built. You're not born with it.

I create my advantage by showing up no matter what.

Successful people aren't more talented than you, they refuse to give up.

4/ Collaboration > Competition

In India especially, we're taught to compete so much.

I never had that streak. I was average at studies, and sucked at sports.

This helped me with the online world.

I feel there's enough pie for all of us and I don't need to pull anyone down.

5/ Randomly Experiment

My courses and digital products account to most of my income.

They're a result of random experiments.

Tiny documents I made on Google Docs and Canva and put a price.

Turns out, they solved people's problems.

So I improved it.

6/ Productise Your Knowledge

Nobody has time - not you, not others.

When you pack solutions (and they work), people are ready to pay for them.

It's a win-win on both sides.

7/ Don't Network

Do this instead: When you like somebody's work, engage with it.

Get noticed.

And then talk to them, without an ask.

It helps to connect to someone via a mutual friend's referral.

8/ Be Open to Pivot

The online world is dynamic.

Always, always changing.

Algorithms change and will make you pull your hair out.

Just keep at it and mould your strategy.

9/ Newsletter

Start this ASAP because this is the only audience their own.

+ People are more likely to open their emails than see you on socials.

10/ Give For Free

I give 99% of my content for free. It's the 1% people pay for.

Build trust, then sell.

That's a wrap!



“There has never been a better time, in the history of time, than right now to start a business.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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