SHS #77: How I Built a One-Person Biz 💲(From Scratch)

published17 days ago
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Hi friend,

Here's an 8-step process of how I built a one-person business from scratch:

1/ Vision

Here's what I really wanted to change in my life:

  • own my time
  • have a purpose
  • enjoy the work I do
  • become financially independent

You can't start unless you know your 'why' and where you want to be.

2/ Writing

I wrote a lot on Medium. It helped me:

  • build an audience
  • improve credibility
  • get better at writing

I also started writing frequently on Twitter and LinkedIn for the same.

3/ My First Freebie

Was a side hustle ebook. 2000+ people downloaded it.

But the real stuff happened when I created a free Side Hustler Checklist.

  • 9654 downloads and $1441.48 in donations
  • massively increased my email list
  • everyone gave me good feedback

4/ Taught for free

In Nov 2021, I ran a free 3-week program.

I didn't have anything planned.

I just wanted to teach.

So I tweeted if people are interested to be consistent at writing, and I got

  • 200 responses
  • 72 applications

I selected 40 people from 20 countries.

5/ Created a CBC

That program is now called Summit 21.

It's a cohort-based program that takes place 4x a year.

We've sold out 8 out of 9 times.

  • Take feedback and improve
  • Collect testimonials
  • Create a structure
  • Sell it

(The last cohort of 2023 starts on Oct 9 btw)

6/ Created my first product

This was a Medium Guide that I created in Feb 2022.

Why? Because there was a demand for it.

People kept asking me how to grow on Medium.

In July, I launched my LinkedIn Playbook.

Again, productised a solution to questions I was asked frequently.

7/ The Final Product (for now)

Launched a LinkedIn video course in February, to give a more detailed insight on how to grow on LinkedIn.

The mantra has been simple - create a solution to people's problems.

8/ How I sell

I don't do hardcore sales or even write sales emails "to increase conversions" lol.

I subtly mention this in my

  • articles - where relevant
  • newsletters - at the bottom
  • LinkedIn - featured section, banner

I hope reading about my process in exact chronology was helpful and serves you.

My last advice for you is - Have a bias of action so you act quickly on your ideas, but don't be in a rush for the outcomes.

Be in it for the long game.


  1. Have a vision
  2. Write online
  3. Build a freebie
  4. Do things for free
  5. Then see if people want to pay for it
  6. Build a product
  7. Productise more solutions
  8. Plug in where relevant

That's a wrap!



Before you leave, here's how I can help you ace your goals:

  1. LinkedIn Ultimate Content Mastery: I teach you how to create compelling stories that attract opportunities 💰
  2. Summit 21: Join my flagship cohort-based course, Summit 21. This will be the fourth and last cohort of 2023.

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