SHS #78: These Tools Help Me Run My One-Person Biz (While I Sleep)

published3 months ago
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Hi friend,

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Here are 10 no-code tools that help me run a one-person business:

1/ Hypefury

  • Schedules tweets and LinkedIn posts
  • Runs Auto DMs (great for campaigns)
  • Saves me lots of time every week

2/ Convertkit

This is where I run my Side Hustle Saturdays newsletter.

I waited for too long (2 years) to hop onto Convertkit because it's expensive.

I'm glad I hopped onto it.

  • detailed metrics
  • powerful segmentation

3/ Gumroad

I used to host all my products there until the new rule came in and took 14.8% of my money lol.

I still host my digital products and freebies here.

  • has pay-what-you want
  • simple landing page
  • super easy to ship

If you're new to products, start here.

4/ Kajabi

This is where I have the landing page for my Summit 21 CBC and LinkedIn course.

  • great user interface
  • easy to upload courses
  • lots of freedom to customise web pages

5/ Canva

I use it for my ebooks and LinkedIn thumbnails.

  • easy to use
  • so many designs to choose from!
  • did I tell you how damn easy it is?

6/ Clockify

This is where I track my hours and boast about working under 4h/ day.

  • free
  • simple
  • keeps you on track
  • improves productivity

7/ Google Sheets

I use it to

  • track finances
  • store ideas
  • record my work

8/ TopmateHQ

I conducted my first-ever free webinar (made $1553 with pay-what-you-want).

I now have my coaching calls here + will conduct future webinars

  • low fee
  • easy to use
  • has PWYM model
  • you can create packages
  • you can also upload digital products

9/ Passionfroot

I have a transparent rate card for brand sponsorships.

  • free
  • super easy to use
  • creates an attractive landing page
  • eases the load of back-and-forth negotiation

10/ Calendly

I don't do calls, per se.

95% of the time its the calls with my Summit 21 students before we kick off the cohort.

  • free
  • easy integration of Zoom
  • you can customise your availability

That's a wrap!



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