SHS #79: How to Make $500/m As A Beginner

published2 months ago
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Hi friend,

Here's how beginners can run a $500/m side hustle by spending $0:

Idea 1: Freelancing

Get paid for projects.

You can work on an existing skill such as writing, coding, or virtual assistance.

Or build a new skill. Some skills that are high in demand are video editing, animation, graphic designing, copywriting, website development, etc.

Do this:

  • Go to Upwork
  • Look for verified clients
  • Submit proposals

This is what I did :)

Pro tip:

It's easier to have 2 clients paying $250/m and one client paying $500. Okay, as a beginner start with 5 $100 gigs. But definitely not 10 $50 gigs.

Play value, not volume. Keep working on your skills so you can get paid higher.

Idea 2: Freebies

Go to Gumroad. Upload a freebie. This can be a:

  • ebook
  • guide
  • checklist
  • email course
  • short video course

Open 'pay what you want' option. Plug in this freebie under your work (articles, socials, etc).

Idea 3: Consultation

Imagine taking one call a week and making $500. That's what happens when you charge $125 per call.


  • what questions do people ask you most often?
  • how can you help others with your expertise?

Create an offering around it.

Idea 4: Products

This is more helpful when you already have an audience. But hey, let me mention it anyway.

You can sell:

  • course
  • ebook
  • research
  • printables
  • Lightroom presets
  • notion templates
  • paid newsletters

You can make money from pretty much anything.

I know this can be overwhelming, so my final advice would be to take the first step TODAY.

Pick a skill. Do this on the side, and keep polishing it.

Do this consistently for 12 months and your future self will thank you for it.



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