SHS #108: This Will Make You Win on The Internet

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

March 23, 2024

SHS #108: I’ve Taught 100s of Creators. Here’s What Makes Some of Them Winners on the Internet.

I’ve taught nearly 200 people via my cohort-based course, a few hundred via my pre-recorded LinkedIn course and have mentored some folks too. Often, it’s easy to spot in our first conversation when someone will ‘make it’ online for sure.

I sometimes have to resist the urge to tell them, but at times I’m blunt with them. For instance, in my current mentorship group, I tell one of them that if they keep creating content the way they do right now someday it’ll take off for sure.

Here are some types of people I come across. You might relate to this and if you do, perhaps you’ll get a sign of the path you’re on.

1/ Relentless action

Action is the foundational key to all success. — Pablo Picasso

I identify with this one and have seen many others who do this. They get an idea and quickly act on it. No overthinking about the right way to do it or creating something perfect. They know that execution is above everything, sometimes above strategy and planning too.

We see so many people who have that big idea or are busy creating a plan, but their work never sees the light of the day.

My favourite advice is — start now and figure it out later.

This is because you’ll eventually get answers when you’re in momentum. That’s the reason my answer to most questions about writing is, “just write”.

Taking action early on is like putting in seeds for what will fruit later. For example, if you start writing on LinkedIn today no one will see your work anyway for months, use that time to water your personal branding seeds as you build your product on the side. In some time, you’ll have an audience that might be ready to purchase your product.

2/ Pay but don’t move

Those who pay hundreds or thousands of dollars and don’t take action always surprise me. No calls, no engagement, nothing at all. I’ve even had instances where they join again, only to not do anything at all.

It’s bizarre.

Some of them are doing their bit on the side and just sign up for accountability because others showing up makes you want to show up. But some never move… if you’re one of them, I highly recommend you use your money as an investment and reap benefits when you put it into something like this.

3/ Drowning in doubt

Aren’t we all? The point is to recognise this and take action. Being aware of what’s hindering us from succeeding can push us to work towards rectifying it. The self-talk in your head is not the reality.

If you want to stay the same, what’s the point of being aware of your shortcomings?

“If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.” — Tim Ferriss

Some of them continue drowning, but some, are this…

4/ They just need a little push, then they take off

It's often these people who make my eyes gleam with joy.

They come to you with doubts and have so many questions. They doubt themselves and doubt the process. They’re so unsure about everything.

But once you explain the process and show them how their doubts are mere assumptions and how common it is for everyone to drown in them regardless of the stage they’re in — they start moving. You also encourage them to break their old patterns of negative self-talk and free themselves from past events which could be the reason for their low self-esteem.

Soon, they’re the ones to work really hard because they want to take a chance. They want to bet on themselves. Someone else showing them they can makes them believe they can, and so they work towards it.

And then, they do it.


The path to success is to take massive, determined actions. — Tony Robbins

I hope this helps you realise that people who do exceptionally well have nothing special. They work towards it and align their minds in a way that pushes them to work with that momentum.

Once you know what could prevent you, work to improve it. Take steps to bridge the gap between your goals and your reality.

And always have a bias for action. Taking quick action puts you above others because the majority will stay put for months before taking action or won’t ever take action at all. This is super doable.

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