SHS #80: This One Skill Can Help You Win

Hi friend,

Hyperfocus is what separates winners from everyone else.

Here are 8 ways to get started:

1. Deep Work

Deep work for 4 hours > Shallow work for 8

This is when you're entirely immersed in a task without distractions.

  • No multitasking
  • No checking tabs
  • No picking up random 'urgent' tasks

Just you, and today's thing to do.

Book Recommendation: Deep Work by Cal Newport

2. Hard Thing First

Get done early on with what you find difficult.

This could be exercising or even working on your book.

I do my most creative work first thing in the morning.

3. Track Your Time

Tracking how much time you spend on things can show you gaps to improve on.

  • Use Clockify while working
  • Enable your phone's screen time

After a week,

  • Analyse where are you wasting time
  • What can you delegate
  • What can you finish quick

4. Time Blocking

On your calendar, block time for your tasks.

Even your personal life - like date night or hitting the gym.

  • Scheduling time will make you more mindful of it
  • Only add one task per time block

5. Eliminate Distractions

Doing this will power up everything else you've learned so far.

  • Add app limits
  • Put off notifications
  • Use DND while working

Own your phone, not the other way around.

6. Low Hanging Fruits

If you can finish it in a few minutes, do it right away.

  • You'll feel a sense of achievement when you finish
  • The mental overwhelm of tasks will reduce

I recommend doing this after your deep work session.

7. Delegate

Once you have resources, this becomes mandatory.

Until then, use simple softwares that can help you, like:

  • Calendly to block time
  • Canva to create quick graphics
  • Gumroad to take care of end-to-end products

8. Have a Buddy

While this doesn't work for me, it works for most people out there.

  • Find someone with similar goals
  • Share your progress every day

This will encourage you to stay on track.

That's a wrap!



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