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SHS #83: Life As a Minimalist Solopreneur

Published 4 months ago • 4 min read

Hi friend,

Life as a minimalist solopreneur to me means prioritising life over work and seeing work as a part of life.

It’s not my entire life.

I don’t think many people are coming to terms with the fact that:

  • money can buy freedom, but most people don’t use it for that.
  • you will be remembered for the person you are.
  • you’re not getting any younger.

Somebody recently commented this on my LinkedIn video where I talk about my routine and what my 4-hour workday looks like:

“For somebody intelligent to say they work only four hours, is a stupid thing to do.”

But isn’t there more to life?

Life is date nights, reading books, spending time with family, meeting my fiancé and laughing like we just met for the first time.

Life is more about doing things that make you feel alive.

And while money is an important component, it’s not the central focus.

I am the centre of my life.

When I read Sahil Lavingia’s book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, it felt like a missing piece of a puzzle in my head was solved.

Start now, figure it out later.

He spoke about how being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you have to:

  • get investors
  • create a company
  • make millions of dollars
  • have a fancy website and logo

In today’s world, you can be a one-person team and still make money.

You can be a minimalist entrepreneur. And in my case, it’s a minimalist solopreneur.

He also speaks about the benefits of building in public, keeping costs minimal, and not wanting to expand in all directions.

“You don’t learn, then start. You start, then learn.” ― Sahil Lavingia

The above quote helped me make my motto — start now, figure it out later.

After this book, a 6-month-old creative entrepreneur was left with yummier strategies and ideas bursting into her head.

This may sound stupid to some of you. But for me, it gave me a career direction that would align with my personality.

Now, why is this important? Let me tell you.

When your work aligns with the person you are, you vibe differently.

My grandad was in the army. His friend was exceptional at public speaking and loved reading. But as an officer, he didn’t grow as fast as his batch mates did.

He was okay with it.

Today, everybody says he was in the wrong place for the person he was. He would’ve done exceptionally well had he chosen a career where he tapped into his strengths.

Sadly, I felt the same at work. When I was at a corporate job, I found it boring and sucked at it.

Today, I feel I’m fairly decent at what I do.

When your work aligns with the person you are, you vibe differently. You feel like your work isn’t just a vocation, but there’s a higher purpose for it. And when you put your heart and soul into it, your results will differ from anything else you’ve done before.

The energy inside meets the energy outside, and together, you create something beautiful.

Freedom is not needing anything from anyone. Peace is not wanting anything from anyone. — Sahil Lavingia

Here are some business measures I’ve taken going forward, keeping minimalism and mindful living in mind.

  1. Downsizing my course: I reduced my course size from 25 to 15 people. I also increased the cost to give more value, like 1–1 calls and ebooks. This made the cohort more interactive, cosy, and meaningful.
  2. Limiting freelancing: I find it boring to write for others. The only task I enjoy is to copywrite landing pages, which I take up once in a while. It also takes less time and is relatively high paying.
  3. Collaborations: It hurts to think of how much money I’ve lost saying no to sponsorships, especially on LinkedIn. My mentor makes sure I don’t take them because he looks at the bigger picture better than I do. I’ve also seen many LinkedIn profiles do collabs that were outside their audience’s interest and they get sucky traction now. It’s better to lose quick money than to lose respect.
  4. Scaling my products: In all transparency, I’ve only had one refund request across my five products and about 3 ratings which weren’t 5*, from 3600+ sales. I know they add value, and I want to find a way to grow them.
  5. Low effort-high impact projects: I’m enjoying the few affiliates I’ve done and the one-off consulting or copywriting gigs I do. It's more fun than long-term contracts.
  6. Deep work: I will continue to work for 4 hours with my 100% focus because it takes me to a state where I don’t feel any time or hunger. I feel nothing. I just create.
  7. Outsourcing: I started outsourcing 2 years after side hustling to take help with graphics, YouTube, etc.
It’s better to lose quick money than to lose respect.

I enjoy being a minimalist solopreneur.

I don’t want 100k followers or work too hard. As long as I’m living more between my breaks, I’m already doing the one thing that people aren't — doing more things that make me feel alive.

Owning my time is true wealth for me.

I don’t want to be famous.

I just want to do what I’ve been doing for the last year — sit on my desk, face bright green trees, get a glass of cold brew, and create.



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